Belmont has been stuck in a limited idea of what a Selectman should be.

It’s time for a new perspective.

As Selectwoman, I will combine my experience as a member of town government, respected leader in the schools, and communications consultant to bring positive change to Belmont. 

It is too easy for the people in our committee rooms to isolate themselves from the concerns of our residents. I will be a Selectwoman who leads from the community, and I ask for your vote on April 2nd. 

I bring a powerful combination of leadership, experience, and diverse perspectives to the role of Selectwoman.

Town Government: Active in town government on the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), High School Traffic Working Group, and Town Meeting.

Leader in the Community: Led hundreds of volunteers and dozens of committees as Co-President of Burbank PTA, and on boards of Foundation for Belmont Education, BASEC, and Chenery PTO.

7-12 School Campaign: I led online communications and was the subject matter expert for a robust social media campaign.

Communicator: Professionally, I am a communications consultant, with a background in web design, social media, and writing.

Financial savvy: Experience as a Commercial Loan Specialist with expertise in compliance, complex portfolios, and Small Business Association reporting.

Upcoming Events

Candidates Night, Thursday, March 21st

Chenery Middle School, 95 Washington Street

Snow Date — Wednesday Evening, March 27, 2019

This program will be covered live by Belmont Media Center.

A Conversation with Jessie, Friday, March 22

Hosted by Barbara Bulfoni, 35 Hawthorne Street, 10-11:30am (children welcome)

A Conversation with Jessie, Saturday, March 23rd

Hosted by Mary Lewis and Peter Dizikes, 34 Randolph Street, 4-5:30pm

A Conversation with Jessie, Tuesday, March 26th

Hosted by April Edrington, 19 Elizabeth Road, 7-8:30pm

My Positions on the Issues


Belmont schools will experience major transitions over the next five years. My strong commitment to education will help us maintain a first-class school system for all Belmont children throughout construction and beyond.


Climate Action

The town is not on target to meet our climate commitments. I believe in strong partnerships between the town and community groups to help us close the gap and reduce our carbon footprint through strategic electrification. 


Walking, Biking, and Traffic

Our town is choked by automobile traffic, and our poor infrastructure puts pedestrians and cyclists at risk. I am committed to the improvements needed to make Belmont a more walkable, bikeable, liveable town. 



We must address the need for senior housing and affordable housing to help people continue to live in town. I believe in a Belmont that is diverse and accessible to all incomes and all stages of life. 


Capital Projects

With five capital projects underway – the 7-12 school, police station, DPW, library, and rink – our need for effective community engagement has never been greater. I will prioritize good management and communication throughout all stages of these projects.  

Fiscal Responsibility

We don’t have enough money to do all the things we want to do. That is a fundamental reality of town government. I am committed to forging partnerships and bringing outside revenue to Belmont to help meet our needs without overburdening taxpayers.


Robust business districts make Belmont a fantastic place to live and work. I am very concerned about the challenges our town puts in the way  of a thriving business community. We can do better. I will listen to the concerns of business owners and facilitate change. 



There is a communication gap between residents and the town. I will bring my expertise in this area to engage our community in decision making and make information more accessible and transparent. I understand the 21st century tools that can help us solve age old problems.